Is the Nothing Phone (1) a good long term prospect?

Now I’ve been testing out the Nothing Phone (1) I feel I’ve got a handle on how it performs in day to day use and wanted to share my thoughts on it’s longevity. I absolutely love the design of the Nothing but it only gets you so far.

From what I’ve seen of the software and camera processing I’m wondering if they are selling enough for it to be viable. When I think about what I see in public I’ve literally never seen another one. This is cool, it’s neat to use a device that everyone else seems to have missed but it’s also got me concerned about it’s future.

Nothing can only burn so much money and I can’t believe they are making much of anything on the Phone (1). It’s not a cheap build and at the price there can’t be much of a profit.

There are semi frequent updates to the OS but what I’m seeing is a company with a lot of people to work on this but not frequent enough updates to the core feature, the camera. The Phone (1) has 50MP sensors, why does it perform so poorly against a 12MP iPhone – software.

Even on Android my Google Pixel 3A performed better. It’s all to do with the processing of the image. It does seem from other reading that the 1.1.4 update brought some improvements but not enough for me at least.

In low light it’s particularly poor in both the front facing and both rear facing camera. There is manual mode that can help but it’s nowhere near what I can do on the iPhone. I just want a good night mode where I can take a photo and not fiddle with settings.

I worry about Nothing, they don’t seem to have a plan and I feel they are on a path to be acquired.

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