Nothing Phone 1 unboxing and initial thoughts

Well after all that talk about the Nothing Phone 1 I saw an open box for £150 less than retail and I’m typing this up using one.

The box was a plain white one, not retail so can’t comment on that bit. I’m not complaining here. £300 for a phone with these specs is great.

I haven’t used it enough to review but here are a few bullet points of initial impressions

  • It’s big. Coming from the Mini this 6.5″ screen will take some getting used to. It’s between an iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max
  • I love the design
  • The Glyph interface is neat but not necessary
  • The high refresh rate screen is nice but does flicker (PWM sensitive need to avoid)
  • The software experience is pretty much stock Android (which is good)
  • The on screen fingerprint reading is just OK, works about 70% of the time
  • The camera needs light. Doesn’t compete with the iPhone in low light
  • It’s nice having 2x zoom again
  • I miss having a back button like my work supplied Samsung

That’s it for now, no idea if I’ll keep it but want to get another view of the mobile landscape rather than just knowing iOS.

Any questions then please let me know.

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