Nothing Phone 1: has iPhone design gotten too conservative?

I’m shopping around a bit for a new phone, something that fits my needs around being comfortable and easy to read. This has me also looking at the Pixel and now Nothing devices and it struck me how conservative (restrained) the iPhone design has become. Be it with dull colour choices on the Pro models or the lack of playfulness in the actual design, they are a bit erm boring.

It’s hard to argue how much the iPhone camera and speed has improved over the last few years but as a design I feel it needs a refresh. Look at the clear back and playful glyph system on the Nothing, it’s the exact sort of device I’d love to own but Android holds me back. Between Find my and family Calendar I do feel I’m a bit stuck on iOS right now. I’m a bit trapped and I’m not liking it. iOS (especially on the iPhone Mini) has just gotten more buggy since iOS 16, their increase in prices on the 14 with no real updates over the 13 and Tim Cook’s hubris does have me looking with some envy over at other platforms.

I’ve always thought use the tech that’s best for you regardless of the platform and I need to ask myself this same question, what’s going to work best for me right now.

Maybe I’ll pick up a Nothing refurbished and give it a try, it’ll make for some interesting content hopefully at least.

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