HomePod Mini review

Since moving our two HomePods into the living room to become our home cinema system I’ve been missing having music in the office whilst working. I was in John Lewis and noticed that they have a whole open box section with some great savings. I picked up this Mini for £50 (usually £89).

Getting it setup I was pleasantly surprised that it still had the plastic covering and not a mark on it.

Setting it up was as simple as putting my iPhone next to it and pointing the camera at the top.

It took about 30 minutes to configure and let it download the latest software update.

I then asked Siri to play a playlist and also send music from my iPhone. All worked ok.

I was immediately impressed with how good it sounded. Nowhere near the full fat HomePod but for it’s size it had bass and was very clear.

Compared to a previous speaker I used the only thing missing was battery power but I have plenty of sockets so no issues.

At £50 it’s a bargain for me to get good sounding music back in my office. Not sure I’d pay £89 but anywhere south of £75 and it’s the best choice if you’re a user of Apple Music.

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