Using a 9.7” iPad Pro in 2022

I’ve been using a 2015 9.7” iPad Pro as my main device this week and I can’t recommend it. If you’re looking to save some money on an iPad do not get a device that doesn’t run iPadOS 16. For me using iPadOS 15 itself it fine (iPadOS 16 doesn’t bring anything meaningful) but the processor in this model is showing it’s age.

There’s lag throughout the system, if I’m listening to music and do something else the music stops and it’s a pretty poor experience throughout. Saying that though using the Smart Keyboard cover has been ok and the first generation Apple Pencil is still great.

I’m in two minds what to do, trade it in (I’ll get £95 from Apple) and get an iPad Air or add my iPhone 13 Mini to the trade and get a 13 Pro or Pro Max (never owned a max model properly ).

What I’m finding is that whilst I have withdrawn from my phone a bit this week I still don’t like using an iPad as my device around the house. Maybe I’d be better off getting a larger phone and using that instead. I still like using my MacBook Air for a lot of things.

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