How to feel good about a creative Project

I’ve been thinking a lot about my creative projects and the current state of them. Aside from this blog I’ve been running a Star Wars newsletter, that is slowly gaining readers and something I’ve enjoyed doing. For the newsletter I’ve set myself no goals in terms of numbers or beating myself up if I don’t post every week. It’s been more relaxed and I feel that for me this has been one of the key factors of me keeping it going. I went in with no expectations and therefore there’s nothing for me to fail on.

In contrast, this blog for a long time was (and depending on my mood still is) a disappointment, I had high hopes in the beginning and I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything. I enjoy writing here and since pulling back from social media a bit it’s my default place to share my thoughts. Thinking of it this way, somewhere to purely share my thoughts and passions rather than a business has helped me a lot, blogging in 2022 isn’t an avenue to pursue for anyone looking to build a business that stopped as soon as video become the default way to share. Coming to terms with this is hard for someone that doesn’t like what YouTube has done to video production but that’s the current state of things.

I guess what my rambling is trying to get to is I enjoy my newsletter because I’ve gone in with no expectations around it doing well or supporting me financially. I’m sharing my passion for Star Wars and I enjoy talking about it. I lost sight of that with this blog but it’s coming back I think and I’m definitely posting more. Quitting social media for a little bit is also key to this enjoyment (I think!).

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