My MacBook Air based desktop setup

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my setups, this one has only really just been setup but it’s working well alongside my day job one.

This is a setup that needs to work for both my day job and my writing. In the day job I am using a DELL Latitude that has USB-C, which is great because my laptop of choice is an M1 MacBook Air that is also equipped with USB-C.

Let’s work from left to right in the image above.

9.7″ iPad Pro

This is a 2016 model that I have with the magic keyboard and first generation Apple Pencil. I’m not in a place where I have the budget to get a new iPad so I am using this one that has been used by several family members now but I can’t fault it really although it does have some downsides. It doesn’t run iPadOS 16 and the battery lasts about an hour if I’m not plugged in. I use Notability as my notebook, slowly replacing pen and paper. This is plugged into power constantly under the desk, no connection into the MacBook setup. (if I get some sponsors it’ll be the first to get replaced in this setup).

2021 MacBook Air (M1)

This is the best laptop I have ever owned. At the time my budget got me the base 8GB RAM model (think it was around £799, the same price as an iPad!). It’s been amazing now I am over a year of ownership. I run Logic Pro, iMovie and more and it’s still running great. I do sometimes see a little lag if I am multi-tasking a lot but this is rare. I think it’s the best value in computing at the moment.

It has two USB-C cables coming out of it

  • One into my Samsung monitor
  • One into my DELL dock

The dock allows me to use the same keyboard and mouse (Anker sideways mouse) on personal and work setups. I just unplug the USB-C, plug in my work laptop and I’m good to go. The keyboard is a cheap Windows one (ViCtsing????)…

Samsung 22″ monitor

I can’t complain here, it’s work supplied and does the job. It’s no pixel perfect display and is a bit fuzzy but it does the job and I don’t want to shell out on a better one due to my limited desk space. It’s plugged directly into the MacBook Air. For some reason when it’s plugged into the dock it flickers, took me a while to figure this out and luckily I had a USB-C to HDMI cable handy.

I extend the display from my MacBook onto this display.

You’ll see other things scattered around like my AirPod Pro’s, some toys from when I was a kid and Lego! I like to keep stuff around me that I enjoy.

It’s working ok for me so far, what’s your setup look like?

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