How useful is the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro?

I had some time with the iPhone 14 Pro yesterday and it got me thinking a lot about the dynamic island and how I’d use it day to day.

On first use I realised at the moment it doesn’t actually have a lot of use. I had to think about the apps that used it and purposely fired up a timer and started playing some music. This was neat, seeing them “running” in the main UI is certainly different for a mobile OS. It’s an interesting solution to a hardware problem and Apple deserves some credit for coming up with it.

I’m left thinking though that it’s all down to third party developers to make the dynamic island something useful. In it’s current state it’s not a must have – cool but not a feature to upgrade your current device for.

Certainly feels more like it’s there for marketing new devices right now but give it time.


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