Some initial thoughts on the Apple Watch Ultra

Whilst I was out this evening I took a little trip to the Apple Store to take a look at the iPhone 14 Pro and The Apple Watch Ultra (and a Galaxy Flip 4 (yes I’m tempted to give the foldable a run)). I managed to take a close look at the Ultra and as someone that wears a mechanical watch I was surprised at how small it actually is in person. The screen is nice, flat and bigger than the other models. The crown looks much more chunky but in a good way and I like the orange button. (please can we get an Orange iPhone next).

Seeing it really didn’t make me think it would stand out on anybody’s wrist really. I liked the metallic colour Apple have used and I liked the yellow rubber strap the most. There seemed to be plenty of stock for in store pick ups so if you are looking to get one you should be ok.

For me this isn’t quite aimed at the Garmin user, not a full on last for a month adventure watch but someone who wears their Apple Watch every day and wants it to last longer between charges and wants something a little more durable – and that’s fine.


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