Letting my Glass and Tweetbot subscriptions expire

With the current state of the economy I’m really scrutinising my monthly app subscription outgoings. It’s been easy to subscribe via the App Store and not think about whether I’m getting value from them.

Two that I have had up for renewal are Tweetbot and Glass. I’m letting both of these expire.


Tweetbot hasn’t been updated for over 6 months, I thought a subscription was going to mean more frequent updates? I’m also trying to use social media more intentionally so paying to use a Twitter app doesn’t sit right. I’m still able to use Tweetbot 5, this is subscription free so I’ll use it.


I enjoy using Glass but it’s hard for me to justify paying for it. I want to support a company like this but engagement has dropped off and I’m just not that good a photographer. It seems you need to be a big name for them to promote you and this along with my skill levels just make me feel bad, it’s something I don’t need right now. I may come back in the future but I’m letting this one go.

Are you being more stringent with your app subscriptions?

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