Apple Watch Ultra reviewed

This is a good review from The Verge, it seems that it’s not competing with the likes of Garmin but is it’s own thing – a good thing in fact. It seems like the series 8 is still the way to go for 90% of the user base of the Apple Watch so it’ll be interesting to see how many get returned within the two week window. I suspect it’ll be too big for a lot of people that want the new model, you will know if you need it or not.

What’s interesting in this review and something I picked up when I tried a Garmin for a week.

For starters, recovery metrics are still almost nonexistent on the Apple Watch platform. While Garmin has Body Battery and Polar lets you view your training load, Apple doesn’t contextualize recovery for you outside of sleep consistency

This is something that struck out to me when I tested it, the Garmin data is so much better displayed and analysed than the Apple Watch. The body battery is a great way to see how tired you are and the concept of rest days is something that the Apple Watch really needs.

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