Rules of using Twitter

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital minimalism lately and the whole being intentional about how I use my devices. I’m at the point where I’m trying to figure out some creative projects I want to do and thinking about how my tech supports that.

The first one is Twitter. I get value from it, I enjoy talking with my small follower list and it’s helped me grow but it’s got it’s dark side. I use Tweetbot so I don’t see trending and don’t see ads. This is great as a first step.

My new rule is not to read any threads. I often read replies to Star Wars posts and it’s not long before they end in some pretty horrific replies or bullying.

I’m going to share my thoughts, ask for advice and keep to replying to people that reply to me. I’m not reading threads, searching or using it as a platform to moan about some crappy service.

Do you have “rules” for your social apps?

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