iPhone 13 Mini vs iPhone 14 Pro

This may seem a ridiculous post but it’s something that I’m thinking a lot about at the moment. With the launch of the iPhone 14 models we have a nice amount of choices at all the different sizes.

The iPhone 14 upgrade over the iPhone 13 is so slim that considering the iPhone 13 Mini form factor over a larger 6.1” isn’t the step back in camera or performance it may have been in previous years.

For me I’ve gotten used to this smaller device and it’s nice forgetting it’s in your pocket. The draw of the 14 Pro though is I’m thinking trading that portability for a screen with larger fonts, something I still haven’t quite got used to on the Mini. I can’t have it all, at some point I need to decide if I want a larger device over the portability.

There’s also throwing the iPad into the equation. I current don’t have an iPad and my other option is keep the Mini and get an iPad Air. I get a bigger screen at home and a smaller device for going out.

So coming back to the iPhone 13 Mini vs iPhone 14 Pro – it’s purely based on ergonomics.

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