Watch crown guards doesn’t mean an extreme Apple Watch but it’s very interesting

I actually like the look of the rumoured new “extreme” Apple Watch. But adding crown guards doesn’t automatically mean it’s an adventure version.

My Seiko has them, it’s a diver. It’s so the crown doesn’t get knocked in movement. The Apple Watch crown is a lot more durable than that of a traditional Watch, I’m not sure it needs one. I don’t see divers wearing an Apple Watch, it’s too unreliable to be used in those conditions, it can’t suddenly run out of juice and the screen won’t be easy to see.

It’s also not a G-Shock with it’s rubber casing and indestructible build.

It’s not a Garmin with it’s black and white display and massive battery life.

Whilst I’m not in the market I am a watch nerd and so curious as to what this model ends up being marketed as. Metal for an outdoor watch is fine, traditional and G-Shock both do this so seeing a video on durability will be super interesting. I also foresee a lot of non adventurers picking up this model because of the battery life or bigger screen or just to have the newest looking thing. That’s fine and it’s the same in the mechanical world.

Probably the bit of the keynote I’m most curious about.


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