Using a 9.7” iPad Pro in 2022

Since I switched to the larger 9.7” iPad Pro from my Mini it’s been great to see the larger text clearly and be able to read my magazines in larger size but I’ve reset and it’s ready for trade in.

The reason is battery. It’s 6 or so years old now and I can drain the battery pretty quickly (think losing 1% in around 45 seconds) so it’s become unusable.

It’ll cost me £99 for a new battery on a device that doesn’t run iPadOS 16. I can still get £100 on a trade so I’m thinking I’ll get an Air or wait for the rumoured updated base iPad. I don’t need a Pro, I have my MacBook Air for my heavy lifting.

Would I advise picking up a 9.7” iPad Pro in 2022 – no. It’s laggy when you’re running heavier apps like photo editing, the on board Wi-Fi isn’t that fast and it won’t run the latest iPadOS.


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