How to choose the ideal storage for your next iPhone

With the new iPhone launch imminent it’s that time of year to think about what storage of iPhone will best suit your needs. It’s something I’ve always struggled with and always end up with more than I need through a fear of running out. The fact is a lot of people can opt for the base storage model and be fine, especially if you use iCloud for your photo storage. This’ll save you some money on an already expensive purchase.

With my current iPhone I went for the middle tier (256GB) out of this fear and for me it’s worked out given my storage is almost at the 128GB base model.

If you want to choose the best for you it’s pretty straight forward.

Head into the SETTINGS APP on your iPhone, then tap GENERAL, then scroll down a little and tap on IPHONE STORAGE. In here you will find how much space is being used on your iPhone and where it’s being used. For me I’m over 60GB of music, over 14GB of photos and then my Day One journal is over 2GB – all of this I want stored locally. This helps me to figure out that I needed that 256Gb after all.


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