Do you look forward to hardware or software?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve cared less and less about Apple hardware and been way more interested in the software. Growing up I’ve always been interested in design of software and how it hung together but I’ve been more into the shiny hardware.

I’m not sure if it’s the stagnation in the iPhone over the last few years but I’m more interested in iOS 16 than iPhone 14. Yes, I’m curious to see what gets released and depending on the camera upgrades I might be tempted to get one but for me messing around with iOS and apps in much more interesting.

I expect the GM beta to be released today then iOS 16 to everyone this time next week just before iPhone 14 is at the stores.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on iOS 16 and in particular I’m not loving the Lock Screen stuff. I’m unsure why it’s not clicking with me just yet but I’m back on iOS 15 partly for this reason. I don’t have test devices so this is all on my my main phone and I found the choices of Lock Screen to be overwhelming.

I’ll have to upgrade at some point but whilst I get my head around it I’ll stick on iOS 15.

Personally I feel iOS 16 is an off year for Apple. Nothing of context there and more small tweaks, the Lock Screen isn’t revolutionary it’s something visible to indicate a new version of iOS. Through the beta I saw very little effort on improving it or giving us better Lock Screen widgets. I’m also seeing less effort going into the Apple made apps, which carries over to macOS. Reminders in particular needs a UI redesign to make the most of the larger screen on the Mac.

I’m going off on one here so I’ll draw myself back in and ask – do you get more excited by hardware or software?

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