Apple swapping the iPhone 13 Mini for an iPhone 14 Plus?

As a user of the Mini form factor it’s been interesting reading the rumours of a new larger iPhone 14, the Plus is coming back. The sales numbers don’t lie and whilst those of us that love the Mini really love them, the market wants bigger phones.

We’ll soon find out what Apple has in store but rumours suggest the iPhone 14 Mini is now a 14 Plus. A 6.7” iPhone base model. I had the standard 6.1” iPhone 13 for a little while and it was just too big (for me) but a less expensive (than the Pro Max) would most probably do pretty well.

I do wonder overall how the sales will be this time around with everything going on in the world but time will tell on that one.

Do you want your iPhone to be bigger or smaller?

For me I’ll be keeping my easily pocketable Mini, unless the Pro camera turns out to be a massive step forward in low light and astrophotography.


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