An always on display won’t necessarily help you reduce your screen time

I’ve been using an always on display on my work phone for a few years and thinking about the rumours of the iPhone 14 Pro having one it got me thinking about what it is actually for based on my usage.

So, first off it won’t reduce your screen time. What I’ve found is that it is handy to glance over and see the date and time – that’s it really. You’ll see notifications for your apps but it isn’t really any different to seeing them on the screen now i.e. when it lights up when they come in. You’ll still pick it up and check them, in fact I think it’ll have people checking their iPhone more not less.

I put my phone face down and not think about what’s going on with it. With an always on display on the iPhone I think people will revert this and leave it display up, ready for those notifications to come in.

It’s a neat feature for sure but you shouldn’t get a new iPhone just for this feature. (the camera might be the thing that does that).

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