Moving back to the 9.7” iPad Pro

I’ve been struggling with my 5th generation iPad Mini lately. As much as I love the device my eyes aren’t in a place where I can comfortably use it. I wanted an iPad that I could use for creative work and reading books. The Mini just isn’t allowing me to do that so it’s now gone to a family member and I am using the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7” with Smart Keyboard attached.

The screen size seems massive now and in my testing with bumped up fonts reading on it is amazing and I can see fine, even reading magazines without needing to zoom in. It’ll also be good for reading guitar tablature, something I was struggling with on the Mini.

What amazes me with Apple hardware is that it’s still good to use. It’s over 6 years old now and works a treat. I wont be able to update to iOS 16 (I’m good with that) and the performance is surprisingly great.

The Smart Keyboard is also as good as I remember although I am missing the trackpad having used my MacBook Air for so long and also an 11” Pro with Magic Keyboard.

This is an interesting experiment and I’m also shelving the MacBook Air for a bit and going all iPad lifestyle again to remember what it was like.


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