Is the iPhone boring?

I’ve used the iPhone since the 3G and it’s what I’ve gotten used and serves me the best. But, whilst in a large department store recently I made an observation. Everyone I saw (inc us) gravitated towards the new, the Samsung foldables.

I had a play with the flip and the younger generation the fold. In fact all of the “youths” I saw were loving the fold. The iPhone just sat there, it’s a known quantity and in my opinion has become the standard but it’s gotten a little boring.

It got me thinking about Apple innovation and that the slab of glass isn’t really moving forward. I’m not going to buy a Samsung but they are cool gadgets to play with and spark some wonder at the folding tech.

Bigger batteries, better camera and a new notch – that’s where Apple currently is. Not ground breaking but enough for the Apple community to upgrade most probably. I do wonder what would happen if Apple Messages went cross platform, I’d certainly be considering using a foldable rather than an iPhone.

I was also struck by the colour palette on offer from not just Samsung but One Plus and how the iPhone (especially the Pro) isn’t standing out. I want some fun, some colour – how great would a bright orange or yellow iPhone look.

Maybe I’m rambling a bit but what are your thoughts? Would you like more innovation from Apple in the iPhone or more colours?


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