Tech takes a back seat in a cost of living crisis

I don’t have to talk about the why we got here but in the UK everything (especially utilities) has risen in price. In a landscape where gas and electricity is up over 100% and only going to get worse, tech has to take a back seat. Having the latest and greatest isn’t comparable to being able to pay for your heating or food bills. We don’t know how bad it’ll get but forecasts indicate prices will almost double again so it might be time to assess what you actually need.

This is weighing heavily on my mind at the moment and with the imminent iPhone 14 launch it’s best to get priorities correct.

If you have devices that work it might be worth sitting this year of upgrades out and save that upgrade money just in case.

If you plan for this each year you’ll most likely already saved for it, I put a little aside each month for tech but most likely I’ll be diverting that somewhere else this time around.

Are you worried about this too?

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