Are you cutting back on subscriptions?

With the cost of living crisis a massive problem here in the UK I was curious if you are cutting back on your app or streaming subscriptions?

For me I’ve dropped all of my app subscriptions including Apple One, I’ll pay just the £7 for my iCloud data backups but £30 is too much for me to pay for a service I don’t fully use (I don’t use Fitness+, Arcade isn’t that inspiring and the News+ magazine catalogue seems to be getting smaller).

I also dropped a monthly Todoist subscription in favour of to do apps I’ve already paid a one off for.

The only streaming service I pay for is Disney+. We get a lot of value from this one and as a Star Wars fan there’s too much coming up. I may drop for a few months between shows but it’s my only current active subscription.

WordPress is something I’m considering next. I’m paying to host the site with WordPress and I’m close to cancelling and either stopping this little venture or move to a free option.

What are you doing?

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