What Star Wars could learn from Stranger Things

I’ve just finished Stranger Things Season 4 and wow what a show. I’ve loved it since the first episode and it’s just gotten better and better.

One thing struck me though comparing it to Star Wars, episode length. Stranger Things isn’t afraid to do over 2 hours an episode. Most were over an hour and it got me thinking that Star Wars is too short.

Obi-Wan I feel could have been more than 30 minutes an episode. I have no idea why some were so short when you get this rich story telling. Book of Boba, the same too short.

Andor I’m hoping is at least 45 minutes an episode.

She-Hulk is perfect at 25-30 minutes and I feel Marvel have been doing it right.

Why doesn’t Star Wars take a leaf out of Stranger Things and give us 1hr 30 minute episodes.

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