My iOS 16 setup

I’ve recently moved back to the iOS 16 beta and thought that I’d share my current setup.

On my Lock Screen I have Calendar, Temperature and Battery. The wallpaper is taken from Unsplash here.

On my Home Screen it’s pretty simple, widgets for calendar and Things 3. Shouldn’t be any surprises here in terms of apps on my Home Screen if you’ve been following me for a bit. I have dropped Reminders for Things though. I’m frustrated by bugs with Reminders on top of knowing it’ll (if I’m lucky) only been updated on a yearly basis. I’d rather trust my to do list to an app that gets updated.

Things has already been purchased and I’m invested across all platforms. I can’t afford to spend monthly on a to do app right now (hence my dropping of Todoist).

What’s your iOS 16 setup looking like?

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