A new Apple Watch Pro won’t compete with Garmin

I used a Garmin Instinct a month or so ago and although I didn’t stick with it was pleasantly surprised at how great it was.

30 day battery life, a durable shell (like a G-Shock), solar for charging, rest days, apps that are more focussed on your energy levels and are proactive in their advice. The list goes on. The Garmin felt less like a computer on my wrist and more like a watch.

If Apple are to release a more adventure focussed watch they won’t compete with this feature list. That’s fine, they are two different products.

An Apple Watch Pro will still have a colour OLED and no solar so it won’t get anywhere near the flexibility of a Garmin with solar. I did miss the touch screen of the Apple Watch sometimes but once I got my head around the Garmin interface it was great. Physical buttons are fine on a smartwatch.

I feel that Apple could make a great bracelet style band. I still miss my Nike FuelBand and this is where I feel Apple can compete with Garmin. I know I’m not the first to say this but a lot of people like mechanical watches but also want to track their fitness so wear stuff on both wrists. A smaller bracelet would be much better for this and you could even wear it on the same wrist as your watch.

I’m just writing this with no plan but having used a Garmin and Apple Watch wanted to get my thoughts down.


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