Should a to do app be a one off purchase or monthly subscription?

I’ve been playing around with some to do apps again based on bugs I’ve found in Reminders that are not being addressed by Apple in iOS (I don’t why but I still raise radars with Apple). Using Reminders for a while though has soured me on monthly subscription to do apps.

I’m using apps like OmniFocus and Things that I’ve paid for as a one off purchase. With the cost of living crisis here in the UK I’m starting to cut back on my subscriptions and paying monthly for a to do app seems not worth it to me now. A to do app has a pretty basic premise and paying up to £4.99 a month just for it send me a reminder notification seems like running out of ideas.

So I’ve decided if I’m using a third party app it’ll be one I have either already bought or is a one off purchase.


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