What are the goals for my blog?

I’ve never had a goal for my blog, I just like writing and sharing my thoughts. I once thought I could maybe get some income from it to help pay for hosting or even as my job but after several failed attempts I knew this wasn’t going to happen, especially with the pivot to video and social.

This blog is now on it’s way down. I get hardly any views and feedback nowadays and I’m left pondering what I enjoy and if I continue. I pay for hosting and thanks to supporters I’ve had this mostly paid for over the last year but as with every year I reevaluate what I’m doing.

I admit I’m not posting as frequently, I’ve gotten into photography again and my newsletter has been growing steadily so I’ve been thinking about other things. There are a million tech blogs and I’m a voice that gets drowned out, no point in competing but I still want to share.

So, what are the goals of this blog – I have no idea and that’s ok.

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