Running iOS 16 on the iPhone 13 Mini

I’ve held off running the iOS 16 beta this time around. I’ve been busy and didn’t want to mess with anything. But now I’m back off holiday I put iOS 16 beta 4 onto my iPhone 13 Mini. In my testing I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how it runs.

Battery was down about 10%, which seems ok to me. It’s not far off iOS 15 in terms of day to day performance.

The only issues I found was the phone got a bit warmer, especially when charging. I also noticed bugs (as you’d expect) with the new Lock Screen functionality.

If you’re worried about battery life on the iPhone Mini models on iOS 16, I wouldn’t worry. Go into it open minded that you’ll experience crashes and your device isn’t going to be as stable and may get a little warmer.

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