Apple doesn’t need to sell an iPhone 14 Mini

After using the iPhone 13 Mini for a little while now and reading the rumours for the iPhone 14 I’m convinced that Apple doesn’t need to make the iPhone 14 Mini.

The iPhone 13 Mini runs so well in terms of camera, battery and performance that I can see why Apple wouldn’t create a new one. Rumours seem to point to the iPhone 14 having the same processor as the iPhone 13, a slightly better camera and same battery performance. If I look at that compared to my existing 13 Mini I see no reason for Apple to release a 14 Mini, especially if sales figures aren’t where they would like them to be.

For those of you that want the smaller phone then the iPhone 13 Mini should stick around at £100 less than current pricing. The iPhone 12 Mini is currently fitting that role so I don’t see why the iPhone 13 Mini wouldn’t follow suit. I’d imagine there will be some great refurbished prices too.

It’ll also be better for the environment, reducing some e-waste for those that would have moved to an iPhone 14 model from their perfectly capable iPhone 13 Mini.

What do you think?

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