The iPhone 13 Mini is a great compact camera

This last week I’ve been using my iPhone 13 Mini a lot as a compact camera replacement, it’s even replaced my DSLR in some instances.

I’ve used it multiple times a day, even utilising digital zoom where needed and not worried about image quality too much. It’s so light and comfortable to use compared to any other iPhone (for me) due to it’s smaller size.

I’ve been impressed with the quality of image too. The only place it fell down was at the zoo where I wanted my 400mm lens of my DSLR to get that reach without losing quality.

I did consider getting something like a Sony RX100 but at more than £400 more than the cost of a Mini I can’t justify it and the iPhone has a lot of advantages. The main being connectivity and backup. I’ve been using iCloud Photo Library to sync and the SD card reader to import my Canon 70D images. It’s worked so well on holiday.

The iPhone 13 Mini is in my top 3 iPhone models after this trip. (iPhone 7 jet black, iPhone 5c and the iPhone 13 Mini).

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