Using Apple apps to save money

I’ve been struggling with Apple Reminders on macOS, it doesn’t have parity with iOS and isn’t optimised for the Mac experience e.g. takes too many clicks to set a due time, why not add a third pane to the UI?

This got me back testing apps but I realised they would cost me an additional subscription, something in this day and age is something I’m trying to avoid. With costs rising everywhere I’m trying to consolidate what I’m spending on apps and a major draw to the Apple apps for me now is they are free.

They sync, send me notifications, do the basics but are not frequently updated.

If you are ok with a slower update cycle and want to save on your productivity apps then using Apple apps is something that might be viable for you.

For me I’m keeping my Apple One subscription but anything third party is going to have to be cut back.

Are you cutting back on apps?

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