Hold off buying an iPhone 13 Mini for now

The iPhone 13 Mini is one of my favourite iPhones ever, I’ve been using it for over a month now and really grown to appreciate the ergonomics and power in this little device. This got me thinking though if you’re in the market you might want to hold off for a couple of months.

With the impending iPhone 14, the iPhone 12 Mini will go away and the 13 Mini should drop to that tier with £100 saving and double the storage staring at 128GB instead of the 64GB of the 12 Mini.

A better option though I think is to buy refurbished directly from Apple or buy used from a third party seller. It’s better for the environment to buy this way and you’ll save even more cash.

Either way unless you really need one then I’d wait until September and see what savings are to be had.

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