What should you consider before installing the iOS 16 public beta

So with the launch of the public beta of iOS 16 it’s tempting to put it on your main device but it’s important to think about your next couple of months. iOS 16 with launch for everyone in the first two weeks of September so from now until then you need to think about how long you are willing to have less battery and some apps breaking.

Personally I’m still on iOS 15.5 and been considering moving to iOS 16 again but I have some day trips where I’ll be away from a charger. I have the iPhone 13 Mini and in my previous iOS 16 testing I definitely noticed the reduction in battery.

At this point I’m not willing to make the trade for some Lock Screen improvements. They look good from a distance but in reality after you’ve messed with them for a bit it’s business as usual.

Anyone else on a Mini that can share their battery experience with me?

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