My first SeikoMod

I’ve just received my first SeikoMod watch and I’m pretty impressed. I went to Etsy and looked at UK based makers that could ship fairly quickly.

As you can see from the image I went for a homage to the Submariner. I’m not a Rolex fan but I do like that vintage Tudor Submariner look, with a nylon strap as I’ve fitted. It came on a cheap bracelet, which was uncomfortable but I was fine with it as I always use these Archer quick release straps. For less than the price of a Seiko 5 I get a Seiko automatic movement in the case that I wanted. What this also does is helps me on my path to understanding more about watches and watch repair for when I do my own mod.

I’ve been into watches for as long as I can remember and now I have a watch I can tinker with.

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