No iPhone 14 Mini means it’s a win for the environment

With all of the rumours now heating up before the iPhone 14 release in a few months it got me thinking about the apparent lack of an iPhone 14 Mini and how this might be a good thing.

Maybe it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things based on how many 12 and 13 Mini users but if we all stick with our Mini model we love then we aren’t contributing to the mountain of e-waste.

E-waste is a massive problem and one that I’m conscious of whenever I buy new tech, something I try to minimise these days. If I buy I try to buy used and if I do buy new I sell the old one so that it offsets my purchase a little.

Maybe Apple will bring back the Mini form factor in the next SE once the home button is finally done with or maybe we’ll never see the Mini again but as I wrote up yesterday I’m not the only one that loves this model.


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