Alternatives to Apple trade in

I’ve traded in with Apple recently, sold privately and sold via third party sites and in light of Apple again dropping trade in value it might be worth looking at alternatives.

Apple is without question the easiest way, be it in person or by post but you’re missing out on some extra money. If you have anything older than an iPhone 12 don’t even bother looking. For Apple Watch and Mac I also wouldn’t bother looking. You also can’t sell an existing model e.g. they won’t take any iPhone 13 models until the iPhone 14 is out.

eBay is my choice for selling yourself. Other sites I’ve used like Gumtree are terrible for tech, you just get low ball offers or spam.

If you want an easy alternative selling yourself try using Music Magpie. You get a QR code for postage and you get paid the same day it’s received. I’ve also had the same amount as quoted. Don’t use something like CEX where they only give you a good price if you get it in vouchers, cash price is always less.

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