A durable Apple Watch made of metal?

There’s been rumours of the G-Shock equivalent or Garmin competitor of the Apple Watch for a while but now Mark Gurman has given some details.

As a lover of watches and also G-Shock I find that it’s hard to believe a durable Apple Watch made of metal is going to compete.

The extreme sports watch will use a strong metal material rather than aluminum, have a more shatter-resistant screen and include a larger battery compared with standard Apple Watches

G-Shock took a while to get to a place where you could have a watch that would survive anything and also be light and comfortable. What gives me pause is a metal extreme model would look beat up over time and also unless they have invented a new type of aluminium would be a heavy watch.

You’d also want to see some protection around the screen, a border around it that is raised maybe.

G-Shock do now make watches out of forged steel so it’s not impossible I just think bold to come straight out with one. Now we know Apple are experts with new materials so I’m sure it’ll be great but I’m sceptical at the moment.

I’m fascinated with this model.

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