The iPad Mini has helped me rediscover the iPad

I’ve been on my MacBook Air for the last year and went a long time (for me) without an iPad. A few months ago I picked up the iPad Mini and it’s rapidly become my favourite iPad ever. It’s also moved a lot more of my day to day needs back to the iPad. I’m enjoying having a smaller form factor device that I can do 90% of my tasks on.

I’m not podcasting or making video so I get away with the limitations of iPadOS and can easily blog, mail etc from my mini.

I’m also using an iPhone 13 Mini these days and the iPad Mini has complemented it really well for editing the photos I take on it. I love using the iPad for editing images.

The only thing that hasn’t stuck is using the pencil and using as a digital journal, I just prefer pen and paper.

Lastly changing things up is good for RSI so now I’m spending more time on the iPad my keyboard use (outside of my day job) has reduced significantly.

Do you still use an iPad daily?

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