Keeping your iOS setup simple (and a switch of apps)

I’ve been using a lot of Apple apps lately and appreciated their simplicity but I’ve found Reminders has gotten a little too complicated (especially managing sub tasks). In a bid to simplify things I stopped using it.

As you’ll see from my Home Screen I switched over to Things. I realised it was a lot simpler to add tasks and also manage sub tasks. I have lists like go to the shops, then I have a sub task for each item I need to buy. Things is by far the simpler way for me to do this. It’s also easy to retrieve and review later when I need it. I like the upcoming view and the widget.

I still have my gripes with their stance on accessibility and I’m hoping they adopt system size fonts soon. It’s my only concern about me staying on it long term, eye strain is a real thing for me.

What I’m finding is both Apple Calendar and Mail both serve their purpose for me, I use them both at a basic level.

For keeping Notes there’s no better solution (for me) than Apple Notes. It’s been reliable and it works really well for my needs.

Maybe I’m getting older and want less fuss but I find a simple setup is the best place for me right now.

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