Xbox Series X: long term review

I’ve had my Xbox Series X for just over a year and now I’m looking back, it’s flown by. I’ve owned most PlayStation models but this time instead of a PS5 I decided to go for the Series X, my first Xbox since the 360.

Halo, Forza, Flight simulator and game pass was enough for me to jump in and try a different next generation console.

It’s exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Even playing the most intense games I never hear any fan noise, the controller is comfortable, graphics impressive and speed of game loads impressive.

Game pass has literally been a game changer and I’ve played so many more games I wouldn’t have looked at before. Aside from buying the occasional plane in flight simulator the console hasn’t cost me any additional money. Looking at the PS5 I can’t see why I’d pay £60+ for a game now. What keeps our PS4 Pro going is PSVR, which still gets used most weeks but that constant fan noise does get a bit annoying over time.

I’d recommend the series X or S as the default console for most people. Game pass takes the expense out of gaming for most and there’s a wide range of games. I’m still blown away at the quality and immersion of flight simulator, I’m still enjoying Halo and there’s games being added weekly to the library within game pass.

I’m never bored with my Xbox, in fact I think it’s my favourite console for years.

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