The iPhone 13 Mini is an impressive small phone

I’m two weeks in with the iPhone 13 Mini and I think it’s close to being my favourite iPhone ever. It’s got what I like about the 11 and 13 in a size that’s more reasonable (for me).

The battery has been great, not far off the bigger 13 in my use. I’m not even thinking about reaching for a charger with it.

The camera on all iPhones since the 11 have been amazing for a smartphone. The 13 Mini has the same camera as the 12 Pro Max and it’s been impressive.

The only thing I’m still getting used to is the squared off sides, which are easier to live with on the smaller 13 but I do find uncomfortable after a while. I keep going back to the Apple leather case just for comfort really rather than protection.

I’d love to know sales figures but in my experience of seeing them in public I’d estimate they make up less than 5% of the overall sales, this is still a large number at Apple scale but it sounds like not enough to keep the model going.

Hang on a bit and you’ll start to see them coming down in price, if you’re after a smaller device then definitely don’t dismiss it.


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