iPhone 13 Mini setup

I’ve been working through some RSI issues that have resulted in me switching devices a bit lately. I’ve had to stop playing guitar and video games and also rethink how I’m using my device. The iPhone mini size (13 in my case) seems to be the best compromise of form factor for me right now, I’m getting used to the screen size but I love everything else about it. In fact I’ve just sold my iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 to fund it so I’m all in.

I’m using the 256GB 13 mini in starlight (or silver, no idea why it’s called starlight to be honest) along with the golden brown Apple leather case. I’ve been using the case just to add some grip but on the mini it’s not necessary if you have Apple Care +. It’ll most probably come off all of the time soon but even with it on the phone feels a nice size to hold and put in your pocket.

Don’t worry about battery, it’s got plenty to get you through the day with normal usage. If you’re a heavy gamer though you might want to invest in a battery pack if you’re out and about. I find that with my usage it gets me through a day and a half fine.

When you pick storage consider this being the last mini sized iPhone for a while, we may never see another. I don’t think that this form factor will be the future SE, if you want a mini sized iPhone get one now. With that in mind pick as much storage as you can afford, I went middle of the ground with 256GB. My other phones were 128GB so I thought to figure proof it I’d go with more storage. I use iCloud photo storage so this extra space is for future iOS updates and storing my music locally.

Home Screen

I’ve got zoom mode enabled and the font is bumped up a couple of clicks so the icons may seem larger than yours.

I’m only using the apps that come with my iPhone for productivity, that’s mail, calendar, notes and reminders. They all suit my needs and it’s nice not switching or thinking about switching apps all of the time.

I’m still using Glass for my photo sharing, Tweetbot is my twitter client of choice, reeder for RSS and WordPress for blogging.

I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts anymore so overcast is now in the App Library. It’s been nice not always having something in my ear to listen to for a change.

Now I’ve got my own car again maps has worked it’s way back to my Home Screen.

Here’s my wallpaper.

Overall right now I’m happy with this setup. I’m trying to use it less and when I do be intentional about it.

The iPhone 13 mini seems to have a small but dedicated fan base and I can see why now I’m using one.

Both Jonathan and Garrett seem to feel the same way, it’s nice to use a smaller device that’s not uncomfortable and (for me) gets out of the way.

Also, remember that Apple isn’t going to take your existing mini from you when the 14 comes out, if you’re happy using it then don’t upgrade.

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