A year with the M1 MacBook Air

I’ve been using the M1 MacBook Air for just over a year now and wanted to share some longer term thoughts on using this laptop almost daily.

I picked up the MacBook Air primarily to help me with my freelance work and job hunting back in June 2021 and I went for the basic 8GB Ram model, which at £799 was an absolute bargain. It’s cheaper than most iPhone models and is the computer for most people.

The 8GB of ram has been fine all of this time and the M1 is so fast it doesn’t matter that I went with the base spec.

I’ve used it for basic video editing, podcasting, photo editing and all of the usual daily tasks like email and browsing. In the time I’ve had it I haven’t noticed any slow down.

The battery life has been epic compared to anything I’ve used before.

The build is superb and has held up well. It still looks brand new.

I’ve been thinking about any negatives and I can’t think of any. I’m in no rush to even think about replacing it, even with a new MacBook Air on the horizon it’s still a great buy.

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