Using your phone as a tool

I’ve been thinking about distraction apps and things that sometimes have a drain on me and the idea of going back to using my phone as a tool is an attractive one. What I mean by this is taking it back a bit and using it for the basics of what I need day to day when I’m on the go.

My setup would be using the iPhone 13 Mini so that it’s light and portable then leaving social media and distracting apps off it. I’d use my iPad at home or MacBook Air for social media or creative projects.

My iPhone would then be used for calls, messages, maps, photos, music and podcasts.

I’m hoping this would reduce my screen time, giving my RSI a bit of a break and giving me more time to focus on the creative projects I never seem to get time or energy for.

I’ll report back and let you know how I’m getting on.


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