Does anyone make an ergonomic smart phone?

I’ve been dealing with RSI in my left hand and whilst I’ve been testing multiple different iPhone models I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion they are all compromised (for me) in some way.

The iPhone 11 too heavy, the iPhone 13 too sharp on the edges, the iPhone Mini screen needs zoomed mode to be comfortable on the eyes and the iPhone SE bezels make it hard to type on.

It’s all a compromise for me and it’s very frustrating.

Looking over at Android the only device that feels comfortable is the Google Pixel 3a but it doesn’t get security updates.

Is it just me or is it really hard to get a device that’s comfortable to use on a daily basis?

I think what I’ll end up doing is using a case on a 13 and deal with RSI or use a Mini in zoomed mode and use my iPad more. Using my iPhone just when I’m out but that’s going to be a hard habit to build. but I change my mind daily so who knows what I’ll do, hey I might even get an old school Nokia and leave the smart phone behind for a while.

What are you using and is it comfortable or a compromise?

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