Have you ever seen an advert for the iPhone 13 Mini?

Having used an iPhone 13 mini I really have a soft spot for it. It’s comfortable without sacrificing the performance, camera or battery. I came across this open letter from Mark Ellis and the bit that got me thinking was his comments on the lack of a marketing campaign for the Mini.

In my own experience I’ve had to explain what the iPhone 13 mini is when it’s been spotted and I’m generally receiving positive comments about it. Especially from people that are hanging onto their iPhone 7 sized devices because they don’t want to move to a larger iPhone.

I had a think about all of the marketing campaigns I’ve seen here in the UK and it’s either the Pro or the regular 13, I can’t remember a single one showing the iPhone 13 mini.

Rumours are that there will be no iPhone 14 Mini. Just like Apple still sell the 12 Mini I’d imagine that when the 14 launches we’ll see a £100 price drop on the 13 Mini and it’ll stick around discontinuing the 12 Mini.

It’s a shame that the Mini never got the full weight of Apple behind it, I wonder how well it would have done if it was actually marketed.


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