Am I a blogging dinosaur?

I have to admit at the moment it feels like I’m swimming upstream with my blogging efforts. I feel that the market has now totally moved away to podcasts and video leaving writers like me in the past. I’ve got (or had goals) of getting reviews units or being invited to events but the likes of Apple and Google seem to focus on video producers and podcasters. This isn’t sour grapes from my part, it’s where the audience has gravitated to.

To keep doing what I’ve always done and expect growth isn’t realistic, it feels like I’m walking down a path with no direction. I enjoy writing here mostly but it’s not fulfilling my goals of making something of this creative endeavour, the time of the blogger has gone. As much as I don’t want to believe it I’m starting to lift my head up and realise to grow my audience I have to change.

I’m still figuring this out along with a lot of other stuff right now but just wanted to share my thoughts on how I’m feeling about blogging right now.

Any comments?

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