iOS 16 beta 1 battery life and performance

It goes without saying if you rely on banking apps and other things that keep your business running day to day you shouldn’t use a beta but for most of us it’s tolerable if you want to test the new and shiny.

In my testing so far of iOS 16 beta 1 I’ve noticed that performance is pretty much on par with the stable iOS 15. I’m not seeing any lag (on my iPhone 13) and there are no show stopping bugs.

I’m not seeing any issues in the apps that I rely on day to day.

In terms of battery life it’s definitely lower. I know I’ve not fully done a day yet but just in using it I’m noticing a drop of around 10% compared to iOS 15. This is expected with all of the background logging.

If you travel a lot and rely on battery then don’t upgrade to the beta, just wait until maybe beta 4.

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