Is it time for Apple to disconnect Fitness+ from the Apple Watch?

I’ve tested out Fitness+ in the past and thought the presentation was great, there’s a good range of exercises and it’s not too expensive but you need an Apple Watch to use it.

As someone that stopped wearing an Apple Watch a while ago it’s frustrating that I get Fitness+ as part of my Apple One bundle but am unable to use it. I prefer a mechanical Watch but would like to use the fitness classes I’m paying for, it seems like this Apple Watch lock in is ripe for change.

I understand Apple wanting to link them, it may sell a few more watches and linking it so closely to rings makes sense for those that it motivates. I’d argue that the quality of the lessons is so good though that there would be a lot of Apple ecosystem users who would still pay to use it without this link to activity and rings.

I know I’ll get push back here but for those of us that can’t deal with a wearable simply getting one to use Fitness+ isn’t an option.

Be interested to get your thoughts on this one.


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